2021 Spaced Sportive

Spaced Sportive

** This is a Member Only event here, to join click here **

The club plans on running a Sportive as soon as the regulations allow. Obviously in Covid times it will be a bit different from the normal “Mendip Madness”.

The event will start and finish from the Tithe Barn Mells. It will be a 25 mile circular event. Cycling from the Radstock Wheel, to Mells, completing the loop and returning will be a 35
mile outing. The date is to be decided yet but could be at short notice.

The route will take you to Spaces that you have probably not cycled before, and comprises quiet roads, good surfaces, and has been sunny on all the test rides! The gradients are moderate and the event is designed to be sociable rather than a challenge.

There will be no signs, but there will be a GPX file to download and a written route description available at the start should you prefer. Refreshments will be available at the hall both at the start, and by waiter service at the end.

It is vital that all Covid restrictions are followed, and so we shall be riding in teams of 6 or less on the road, and socialising in the same group of 6 at the end of the event. Teams will start at 10 minute intervals. Signing on will only be possible on the club website. Quite clearly in these weird times you will understand that signing in on the day will sadly not be possible.

Each team of 6 will be allocated a colour, and it would help if you could wear something in this colour for easy identification on the day. Each team will need to nominate a leader who will be responsible for ensuring enjoyment, and that the team starts on time from the hall in order to avoid congestion in the front of the building. Each team will be allocated a spaced table for 6 at the start and end of the event. Each team will need to nominate a waiter to serve them.

Regrettably there can be no mixing of tables or teams throughout the event. Team leaders will need to coordinate their teams departure from the hall after refreshments and socialising such that there is no congestion in front of the hall. Masks will be needed indoors except when sitting at your allocated table.

If you wish to drive to the event, then please park at the car park at the top of the high street, and free wheel to the start. All the space in front of the hall will be needed for our bike parking or catering arrangements.

If you have youngsters in tow, or wish to socialise then you are welcome to join us after the event. You will however still need to sign in beforehand so that time and spacing can be planned for.

At present Tier 1 allows us to run this event inside the hall. Tier 2 allows us to run the event in the garden at the back of the hall, but clearly the outside event will be cold. You will be allowed to leave extra layers of clothes on your table for your return. Tier 3 does not allow us to run events.

Therefore the event will happen as soon as we are in Tier 1, or as soon as the temperatures rise sufficiently for a Tier 2 variation. ( March). Don’t forget that Pandemics both rise and decay exponentially. This time last year we were incredulous that bats were sold in China, but by the end of March were in Lockdown. The end of this pandemic is therefore likely to take us by surprise by its speed. Hence organising this sportive now. I hope to give you two weeks notice of the running of this event. Please think about your teams and look out for the entry forms on our website.

Sorry to be so prescriptive with the organisation, but I have found that the lockdowns have undermined the confidence of the Public, and that cyclists having fun may cause comment. I am therefore keen to remain rigidly within the rules.

Meantime happy cycling, and hope to see you all soon!

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