Ride with us!

Club Ride Guidelines

Within reason, all riders must adhere to all club ride guidelines. Please click here to read them.

Prospective club members

Prospective members are very welcome to turn up to any of our club rides (time and location details below) to try it out without commitment to join. No need to pay the membership fee: just turn up on the day and ride for free!

If you would like to become a member, please find more information on our membership page.

Club rides: choose your speed…

Depending on your ability and inclination, you can choose from three different speed groups for our club rides:

  1. Slow “social” club ride – 11-12 mph average
  2. Intermediary “social” club ride – 14-15 mph average
  3. Fast club ride – 18-20 mph average

Slow and intermediary levels: “social” club rides

On  Sunday mornings, “social” club riders gather outside Bike-It in Radstock at 09.00 to cycle to a wide variety of locations around Bath, Somerset and Wiltshire. We also run informal rides on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We always wait for you and stop for coffee and cake!

Fast club rides

In a Fast Club Ride, the pace is quick at approx. 18-20 mph average. But we are a social and friendly group! We warmly welcome any new member who would like to stretch their legs on a variety of club rides, including Sunday morning “coffee and cake” rides; time trials; and training rides. We also meet outside Bike-It in Radstock at 08.00 (summer) and 08.30 (winter).

Saturday public introductory rides

Every Saturday morning, club members run a public social ride to introduce non-members to the joys of cycling. Everyone of any ability is most welcome.



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