Story of a new member

The experience of a new member joining SVCC’s Saturday rides…

Of course I had learnt to cycle when I was young but with time pressures this had lapsed. My old bike was stored and had gathered dust. My New Year’s resolution was to get fitter and lose weight (again).

I joined a gym but found it expensive and boring. I was aware that Somer Valley Cycling Club was running Beginners’, Returners’ and Improvers’ rides on Saturdays, but wasn’t sure they were for me. I was worried about being embarrassed, or slowing people down or being left behind.

I eventually plucked up courage to join them at Radstock Wheel one Saturday morning. I can now remember my old bike had soft tyres, and the saddle was the wrong height from its storage. The club members took all this in their stride, and we went for a ride to the Mendips. I had constant encouragement, support and conversation. They were as thrilled as me when we got to the coffee stop. They could all remember what that first ride was like for themselves.

They all said “be patient and that it would take 6 weeks of weekly rides to progress”. After 4 weeks though I was faster, feeling stronger and had lost weight.

A year on I have lots of new friends, a new bike, have taken part in skittles evenings and treasure hunts, and now lead some of the Saturday rides. I shall never forget that first ride though.

Hopefully you can make the journey too.


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