SVCC 2019 Christmas Lunch Social Ride: All Places Gone!

From the Chairman…

We received a last minute rush for the Christmas ride on the 8th December. I have had 43 members apply to attend but I have only places for 40.

The booking was originally for 30, so 40 will be a squeeze. I popped back into Manor Farm on Friday but they have two group bookings that day so we must stick with the 40. The members who made the cut have been emailed.

Given there are members who haven’t made the cut please advise if you can’t make the 8th December. You need to pay a £5 deposit to a Committee member and we cover the majority of the rides over the weekends.

I will also need to know who requires the vegetarian lasagne option. Would you email me back if you do please for me to collate the numbers.

Thank you



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